About Us

What is Skandia Lodge 549?

The Vasa Order of America is a cultural fraternal organization originally established for the benefit of Swedish immigrants more than a century ago. It is now dedicated to preserving and sharing our Swedish and Nordic culture and heritage. Skandia Lodge #549 is the local lodge in Edmonton, which was organized in 1929. Monthly meetings provide an opportunity to socialize with fellow members and share common history and interests, as well as learn about Sweden. Several activities are held every year to promote and preserve the Swedish culture and traditions. Vasa Park on Pigeon Lake is the site of a midsummer celebration, a Pea Soup and Pancake brunch, several summer socials, and a cultural heritage camp for children.

Vasa members can compete for university scholarships, as well as participate in sports competitions with other lodges within the province.

Active groups associated with Skandia Lodge include the Ladies Auxiliary, the Past Chairmen’s Club, and the Vasa Pioneers No. 12 activity club. For further information call: Ray Nyroos (780) 469-8286